King's Electric Services: 7th & Broadway Overbuild

kings_overbuild.jpgKing’s Electric Services received the 2015 IEC Excellence in Construction - Commercial (contracts between $500,001 to $1,500,000) Award for its work on the 7th & Broadway Overbuild in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The 7th & Broadway Overbuild was a unique challenge in regards to it being a major structure being built atop apre-existing eight-story parking garage. The new residential sector added on seven floors, to make this a 15-story tall building. The residential sector, 111 luxury units in all, was an afterthought of the original design of the building. The 7th & Broadway Overbuild’s reported final cost is $22 million.

King’s Electric provided the electrical power to the 111 apartments, lobby, corridors, restrooms, and rooftop. In all, 3,200 amps were need for the apartments and 800 amps for house service. The electrical work for the apartments included the following: 111 stove receptacles, 111 dishwasher connections, 111 water heaters, 111 range hood connections, 1 booster pump up to 50HP, and much more.

One of the major challenges of the 7th & Broadway Overbuild project was its short timetable of three months during the winter and holiday season. The crew had to deal with snowstorms and bitter cold hampering their productivity. Although weather was a challenge to productivity, preplanning and “all hands on deck” during optimal weather days improved productivity. Despite the inclement weather and holiday season, the contract was completed on time and within budget.

Roof-top.jpgPrefabrication was of the utmost importance for this project. Much of the installation was performed offsite in King’s Electric’s shop. The parking garage portion of the ductwork required precision measurements and exacting tolerances from floor to floor. Even an inch or two of inaccuracy in prefabrication would have resulted in serious problems in completing the electrical backbone of the apartment structure. All supportive electrical installs were done in anticipation of the prefabrication installs; and much of the prefabrication was done before the walls were even in place.

Tight coordination and detailed notation on plan drawings was critical to the success of an installation done in this piecemeal manner. The diligence and flexibility of King’s Electric’s crew and management was critical to the 7th & Broadway Overbuild project and cannot be understated.