In-District Policy Conference Webinar

In an effort to keep the issues that impact your business in front of members of Congress, IEC is convening an “In-District Policy Conference” this August. Rather than flying all the way to Washington, DC, IEC is encouraging chapters and their members to meet with representatives and senators while they are home in their respective districts during the August recess to communicate to them the impact IEC’s priority issues have on the industry. With so many issues impacting merit shop electrical contractors in play, from the new overtime regulations to ambush elections, it’s crucial to take the time to meet with your legislators to remind them of how harmful many of the Obama Administration’s proposals have on your operation.

The webinar will give you all the information you’ll need to have an effective meeting with your elected officials. In addition, IEC will provide you with the appropriate talking points and leave behind materials electronically to ensure that you’re adequately prepared. It’s not too early to reach out to your member’s district offices to plan your meeting today! You can register today by visiting the IEC Webinar Series webpage.

Click here to look up your representatives, and click here to look up your senators. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Jason Todd, vice president of Government Affairs, at