IEC Rocky Mountain Lights up 2019 at the Denver Holiday Parade

IEC Rocky Mountain Lights up 2019 at the Denver Holiday Parade

For the third year in a row, IEC Rocky Mountain (IECRM) participated in the Downtown Denver Parade of Lights. Being one of the longest-standing traditions in Denver, IECRM saw this as an opportunity to get in front of the masses, including the next generation of electricians. Over 600,000 people lined the streets each night that it ran to see the parade and many more watched it at home as the parade broadcasted live multiple times during the month of December. Marketing Manager, Katie Shobe, who was instrumental in getting IECRM involved in the parade had the following to say:

“It was a unique opportunity to get our students engaged with IECRM on a different level and create a sense of school pride.”

Their float, the Sparkling Ice Castle of the Future 3.0, was designed by IECRM members and students. It was the newest addition to the parade in over 20 years. The float celebrates the hard work of the men and women in electrical and renewable energy industry and illuminates the importance of skilled trade to their economy and communities. It also shines light on skilled trades as a viable and sustainable career path for future generations.

Marilyn Akers Stansbury, CEO of IEC Rocky Mountain, says, “It's an awesome story of the apprentice and contractor community working together. The float is a wonderful representation of the industry and truly brings energy to the crowd as it passes along the parade route.”

To give their float an extra special touch, IECRM invited two of their own apprentices to be the Ice Castle Prince and Princess. There were 40 walkers alongside the float wearing electrician outfits that light up truly highlighting the electrical career.

IECRM has held their holiday party in conjunction with the parade making it a magical night to remember. The entire IECRM community enjoyed dinner, dessert, entertainment, games, and indoor and outdoor viewing of the parade from the party located on the parade route. The little ones also get to visit with Santa Claus and the Ice Castle Prince and Princess.

What a fun and illuminating way to celebrate the holidays! Way to go IEC Rocky Mountain!