IEC National Welcomes Useful Systems as a Bronze Industry Partner

IEC National is pleased to announce Useful Systems has joined the association as a Bronze Industry Partner. Useful Systems created a mobile-first job management platform that helps businesses streamline operations and re-capture productivity and profitability.

The mobile app from Useful Systems gives contractors a powerful job management tool with a simple, intuitive interface enabling them to run their businesses smarter and more profitably. Useful Systems seamlessly connects supervisors, employees, and subcontractors in one place and provides real-time data and reporting with the tap of a button.

“IEC members are an innovative class of contractors that demand technology suited for their needs,” said Jay Crain, founder and CEO of Useful Systems. “This partnership provides contractors with the next level of enterprise software that’s both powerful and easy to use.”

For more information, visit or call (720) 839-9662.