IEC National Welcomes CreditSuppliers as a Bronze Industry Partner

IEC National is pleased to announce CreditSuppliers has joined the association as a Bronze Industry Partner. CreditSuppliers is transforming the way construction companies can access supplies by offering revolving trade credit lines that allow contractors to pay their suppliers in as little as 10 days while maintaining flexible terms for repayment. 

Contractors of all sizes are faced with the capital restraints created by balancing incoming project draws and the always-present supplier purchase invoices. Because project contracts aren't paid up front, contractors are in essence extending credit to their customers by working with only a percentage of the contract amount up front. Meanwhile, they are paying laborers, operating expenses and supply costs. 

“CreditSuppliers is excited to partner with such a strong organization,” said James Nielsen, CEO, CreditSuppliers. “Our services are designed to alleviate the financial pressures that make success in the construction industry so challenging at times. Through our partnership with IEC we hope to reach electrical contractors nationwide to help them further their business goals and attend to this underserved industry.” 

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