IEC National Welcomes BOSS Controls as a Gold Industry Partner

IEC National is pleased to announce that BOSS Controls has joined the association as a Gold Industry Partner. BOSS Controls is revolutionizing energy management, building automation and security market sectors by delivering smart, affordable solutions for business.

BOSS Controls designs, markets, and sells patent pending, cloud based, Wi-Fi enabled product solutions and software. The product suite provides a seamless fully integrated virtual energy management and control system enabling reductions in building energy costs by up to 30 percent as well as operational cost savings.

BOSS Controls is delivering a turnkey plug load energy management solution to the commercial sector. “Our partners are seeing great value from our energy efficiency smart solutions,” said Greg Puschnigg, CEO/Founder of BOSS Controls.  “We are excited to join IEC and we recognize the efforts the association makes to provide competitive solutions that provide savings on utilities.” 

For more information, please visit or call (855) 708-4990.