IEC Instructor of the Year

Cal Blair of IEC Rocky Mountain was awarded the 2019 IEC National Instructor of the Year Award at IEC Convention & Expo 2019 for his dedication to his students and education.

“POWER IN... IS... POWER OUT" is just not an ordinary phrase, it describes Transformer Theory and it describes Cal Blair. This former apprentice as demonstrated the true commitment in drive in everything he does resulting in nothing but success.

In the words of Paul Lingo, IECM Training Director, “the Power Cal has put into the IECRM Apprenticeship Program and the Electrical Industry has made a lasting and powerful impact - and you can see the results of that Power and Energy throughout the generations of electricians that have the absolute pleasure of his POWER FACTOR.”

He got his start in the electrical industry in 1993 and enrolled in the IECRM Apprenticeship Program in 1995. By the end of his 3rd year of school, he received his Journeyman License and graduated in 1999 with his Masters. Winning the Local IECRM Wire Off and coming in 4th in the IEC National AOY Competitions. He did not wait a single minute of time and became an IECRM Instructor later that year. He has facilitated 1st year, 2nd year and 4th year Apprenticeship Instruction.

Cal Has participated with IEC National on Curriculum Development and has been instrumental in the IECRM Youth Outreach, Colorado Construction Career Day events and IECRM Lab initiatives.  He has been the Instructor liaison to the IECRM (A&T/BOT) Apprenticeship and Training Board of Trustees for 10 years and became the newest member of the IECRM 20 Year Club this year.