IEC Executive Director Retreat a Grand Success



On July 16-17, a number of Executive Directors from IEC chapters across the country converged at a retreat center tucked away in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  The 25 chapters that were represented at the event were able to connect with their peers and leaders from IEC National on a number of events and topics throughout the retreat.  This one-of-a-kind retreat opportunity was graciously sponsored and supported by Thomas & Betts and IDEAL Tools, who also had representatives on hand to participate in the weekend.  

Every participant garnered tremendous value from the retreat, which was organized by Executive Director Chair Nancy Levey, Co-Chair David Hittinger, and Secretary Julie Howard.  Among some of the valuable take-aways from the chapter executives were the following:

"I was reminded of the importance of attending all meetings.  They are always very valuable to share our successes and challenges, and to learn from others."

"I was able to build a stronger relationship with my peers across the country, as well as the representatives of IDEAL and T&B.  We have already started working on a plan that will produce a great partnership between their companies and our chapter."

"Through the retreat, a fellow ED and I were able to identify a partnership opportunity to help achieve a win-win for our respective members."

"I returned from this retreat invigorated and focused on membership growth.  We now have 3 contractors interested in joining our chapter!"

"The retreat was very informative for me.  Being a smaller chapter, it is good to know and get ideas from some of the bigger chapters."

"This was a great event that helped me frame our chapter priorities for the future."

A very special thanks again to the event premier sponsors, IDEAL Tools and Thomas & Betts!  Huge gratitude to Nancy Levey, David Hittinger, and Julie Howard for all the event coordination and deep thank you to the chapters that donated to the ED Travel Assistance Fund: IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County, IEC Dallas, IEC of Greater Cincinnati, IEC of Greater St. Louis, IEC Rocky Mountain, IEC Atlanta, CenTex IEC, IEC San Antonio, IEC Lubbock, IECA of Arizona, IEC Texas Gulf Coast, and IEC National.   Custom crystal wine glasses and complementing bouquets of wine hosted by IEC Texas Gulf Coast, as well.  A big hat tip to Sheila Sperla, Brad Stevens, Marilyn Akers Stansbury, Walt Czyrnik, Spenser Villwock, Thayer Long, and Mark Gillespie for all their help and running the sessions.  We look forward to raising the bar even higher at the Executive Director Retreat in 2016!  Thanks to all who participated and supported!