IEC Chapters Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

Last quarter, IEC chapters did a knock-out job celebrating National Apprenticeship Week.  The goal of NAW is to raise awareness of the vital role apprenticeships provide in creating a qualified and highly-skilled workforce in diverse industries including the electrical field. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, apprenticeship has positively impacted the lives and careers of millions of workers as well as more than 150,000 businesses over the last 80 years. Check out how a few IEC chapters celebrated NAW 2019 in fun and creative ways.

Central Pennsylvania Chapter IEC

Central Pennsylvania Chapter IEC chose to focus its celebration with #constructioncares. They had their apprentices focus on the immense value and fortune they have in being part of an electrical apprenticeship program where they graduate debt free and give back to their community. Central Pennsylvania collected over 3,000 cans which equates to 3091 lbs of food for those in need. The donations were given to two organizations, Life Path Ministries in York, PA and Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, PA. For collecting the most cans, Year 1 apprentices in Mechanicsburg celebrated with a pizza party.


IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter

IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County NAW activities included an Open House and an Apprentice Signing Day. The Open House featured a presentation on IEC’s successful apprenticeship program and a facility tour. Attendees could also hear from former apprentices.

The chapter also went to two high schools, Trimble Tech High School and Millsap High School where five high school seniors at each school signed letters of intent to become electrical apprentices. The students at Trimble Tech High School are currently taking electrical training and will start as Year 1 apprentices upon graduation. The students at Millsap are currently in the first year of the IEC curriculum and will start as Year 2 apprentices when they graduate. All 10 students have been offered jobs with our member companies.

IEC Dallas

For the first time ever, IEC Dallas has 23 females enrolled in their apprenticeship program. To continue supporting them, the chapter has put together a mentoring program. The female apprentices will have the opportunity to share about their experiences working in the electrical industry as well as have one-on-one mentoring support for their school assignments.

Additionally, IC Dallas held a food drive and asked their apprentices to contribute $1 with all proceeds going to a local food pantry. The $1 donation goes further where the pantry is able to buy twice the amount of canned food, according to IEC Dallas Executive Director, Jerry Thomas.

Mid-South IEC

In support of National Apprenticeship Week, the Mid-South IEC participated in an Apprenticeship Fair at the Sheffield Career and Technology Center in conjunction with the Shelby County Schools. Many of those that attended showed a genuine interest in having a career in the electrical industry.

Western Colorado IEC

Western Colorado celebrated in a fun way this year with a fajita and IEC Video Watch Party. They viewed several IEC videos and then had games, prizes, and giveaways.

IEC of Oregon

IEC of Oregon hosted an Open House for 12 high schools and over 200 students to learn more about the electrical industry and IEC’s apprenticeship program.   

IEC Rocky Mountain

IEC Rocky Mountain hosted industry partners who shared their knowledge and did product demonstrations for the next generation of electricians. They concluded the week celebrating with pizza, 2,000 hot dogs and over 700 cupcakes.

IEC New England

IEC New England invited Hubbell Wiring Device to do training sessions and showcase their products to their apprentices. They also had some fun with nighttime conduit bending session with the 1st year apprentices.