IEC Apprenticeship Alumni Award

Hank Strittmatter was honored with the 2019 IEC National Apprenticeship Alumni Award at IEC Convention & Expo 2019 for his leadership and mentorship to the younger generation of apprentices.

Hank graduated from IEC’s apprenticeship program in 1977 and began his teaching career with IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County in 1978. He is known for being firm but fair. Many of his students over the years have said he is one of the strictest instructors they had in the program but learned the most from him. 

As training director, he brings his subject matter expertise and is instrumental to the success of the program, the instructors and the apprentices. Hank works diligently to educate the public about IEC and the merit-shop philosophy. He attends numerous job fairs and career nights and serves on panels to educators of all kinds. From electrical apprentice to business owner, his vast knowledge of the trade gives him the ability to identify with what the apprentices encounter on a daily basis and also prepare them for what will be expected in the future as they progress in their careers. 

His patience and dedication to the trade, the students and IEC is nothing short of remarkable. 

As the trade has progressed, Hank has always been at the forefront ready to do whatever it takes to give him the knowledge and expertise to help produce the best possible electricians. Hank serves as lead subject matter specialist for the first year curriculum errata group. Hank has helped to train many instructors and is always willing to share his knowledge and information with anyone to help them become a better instructor. His sense of humor is one of his strongest qualities and he always has a smile on his face and is ready to help.

He is a mentor as an electrician, instructor, training director and a person. He has a positive impact on everyone's life he touches.