Hawkins Electric Service: Service Contractors

Hawkins Electric Service received the 2015 IEC Excellence in Construction - Service Contractor of the Year (1-15 employees) Award for its excellent service to electrical contracting customers. Hawkins Electric is located in Laurel, Maryland, and is an all-purpose electrical service company that handles both residential and commercial calls.

hawkins_service.jpgHawkins Electric’s residential electricians mostly handle homeowner requests, such as heavy ups, copalum, additional outlets, troubleshooting switches, etc. The company’s commercial electricians handle a larger array of electrical issues, such as site mapping, generators, underground cable locator, site lighting (inside/ outside), tenant fit outs, panel changes, copalum, etc.

Hawkins Electric believes that the customer experience starts when the customer makes their first call. At Hawkins Electric, the customer will speak with intelligent, friendly, and knowledgeable people on the phone instead of a recording, during normal office hours. The company promises 100 percent satisfaction and will follow up with a call to verify that the job was done exactly as promised.

Hawkins Electric’s service department has been using iPads for over a year now. The iPads allow for a more user-friendly experience, enabling the customer to see the parts and labor they are being billed for. With ever-changing technology, Hawkins Electric is making a commitment to stay on top of the latest and greatest to improve their service.

Hawkins_ServiceCon.gifBeing one of a handful of electricians in the Washington/ Baltimore area certified to perform copalum crimping, Hawkins Electric has made a commitment to training. Aluminum wires in houses built before 1980 can create a fire hazard, and it is important that all electricians have gone through copalum classes and carry their certification, which helps minimize risk. Hawkins Electric will also send their electricians to any training required for a project, such as the Dan Foss Training Program required by BJ’s Wholesale.

What makes Hawkins Electric special is their dedication to providing the finest service to their customer and that their electricians are empowered to make outside the box decisions that still maintain NEC® and allay all safety concerns.

“Time and time again, they (Hawkins Electric) are able to repair our issues quickly and efficiently, which makes us look good to our residents,” said Michael Otte, director of residential maintenance for Foulger-Pratt Residential.