Hawkins Electric Service: Pike 3400

Pike_BigPic.gifHawkins Electric Service received the 2015 IEC Excellence in Construction - Residential (multi- family, mid-rise buildings above three-stories) Award for its work on Pike 3400, a six-story mixed-use building in Arlington, Virginia. The building houses 257 individually-metered residential, multi-family units; six retail spaces; and an underground parking garage. The unique amenities in this building include a pool with fire pits, barbeque/bar area, fitness center, club house, and a dog park on the roof.

Pike 3400 totaled 396,850 square feet, 33,428 man-hours, and required 627,385 feet of wire/cable. By using a PVC sleeve, Hawkins Electric was able to keep the long cable runs from snagging, which allowed it to roll easier over many steel beams. Hawkins Electric also installed a generator on the rooftop to accommodate the townhouse units in front of the building. Installing a generator on a rooftop was a new endeavor for Hawkins Electric. Getting the generator onto the rooftop required a coordinated effort from staff and support from the general contractor and field staff.

Boom_Pike 3400.gifMany of the challenges for this project were not unique to a large scale job such as this. Hawkins Electric’s first challenge was the delay in getting the fixture package approved. Due to the delay, Hawkins Electric had to leave crimped wires in order to get the other subcontractors on schedule. Weather turned into a major challenge in getting the generator, bollard walkway lights, exhaust fans, heat pumps, and RTU units on the roof when some areas of the roof weren’t sealed. The solution was a slow process, requiring the electricians to shovel snow and get the roofers to seal spots while they waited out the snow. However, the biggest challenge was putting the LED lighting outside along the perimeter of the building, from the second floor to the roof. It required a boom truck and working 110 feet in the air.

The Pike 3400 project proved to have several unanticipated challenges throughout it, but Hawkins Electric was ready for the challenge, problem-solving and learning new skills along the way.