Excel Electrical Technologies: Eastside Medical Center Bed Tower Expansion

Medical_Excel.gifExcel Electrical Technologies, located in Kennesaw, Georgia, was awarded for its work on the Eastside Medical Center Bed Tower Expansion and Renovation. The expansion and renovation included the addition of a three-story, 92,000-square-foot tower and a 4,000-square-foot central plant expansion as well as 48 new state-of-the-art patient rooms, five new state-of-the-art operating rooms, one new hybrid operating room, an 8,000 amp Normal Power Utility Service, and a 600 kW Emergency and Fuel Tank System.

Eastside Medical Center, located in Snellville, Georgia, has been a fully functional hospital with 310 beds serving patients in Gwinnett County for 30 years.

A significant challenge on this project was related to the close proximity of the expansion and the existing hospital's critical care areas and main systems. The new Tower Expansion tied directly into the existing operating rooms and centralized sterilized areas. The Central Plant Expansion was built over existing main systems.

To overcome this challenge it is important to locate and resolve any conflicts prior to beginning installation. Utilizing building information modeling (BIM), a complete 3D working model of the project was created. This process began on January 20, 2012, with weekly clash meetings between trades with the final 3D BIM model completed three months later.

Excel_HospitalConduit.pngAnother challenge was to disconnect the hospital's existing switchboard from the utility and re-feed it from the new 4000 amp main service in the Central Plant. An extended power outage was not an option with the hospital in full operation. Excel installed new feeders to the existing switchboard utilizing a splice section within the switchboard. Appropriate personal protective equipment procedures were adhered to including the use of high voltage blankets placed over the existing energized bussing for the safe installation of feeder conduits and wiring. Color coded feeder wire was utilized to eliminate any cross phasing of conductors. The transfer of the existing service was completed in less than five hours, and the hospital's operations were unaffected during this process.

In addition, there was an aggressive 11-month schedule so that the hospital would be fully operational within a year.

Steve Fowler, Excel's CEO, said, "We wish to express our appreciation to Excel's team members for the efforts expended that resulted in Excel winning two national awards for excellence in electrical construction (our fifth and sixth) and for again exceeding our client's expectations. Excel is not just our name. It's what we do."