Denier Electric: Forest Pharmaceuticals

Denier_14_Forest.JPGDenier Electric was recognized for its work on the design and construction of a new drug packaging facility for Forest Pharmaceutical. The 200,000-square-foot facility, built to NETA standards, includes offices, warehousing, packaging and component testing areas with pressure clean rooms, air locks, interlocked doors, and HEPA filtered clean room handlers.

As the project progressed, the design grew. With no schedule exceptions, the project grew from $2.1 million to a final $4.7 million and almost double the installation hours. Denier was able to complete the project on time and within budget.

The project featured 3000A 480Y/277V double-ended service switchgear with a normally open tiebreak, each supplied from separately sources utilities; a separate 480Y/277V electrical supplying a 100HP fire pump; four UPS arranged in a redundant configuration; all electrical panels including multimeters to provide continuous demand and consumption; an extensive lighting system of LED fixtures and lighting controls; a security system; fire alarm system; four telecommunications rooms with a complete backbone system; and more.

1 - Early Construction Aerial.pngThe project used more than 220,000 feet of Cat6 cable, 4,000 electrical devices, almost 400,000 feet of building wire, 7,000 electrical junction boxes, and 22,500 conduit connectors.

Denier utilized BIM and prefabrication to speed up the work on the project to meet the project deadline despite growing project needs. The NETA standards for the facility also required extensive testing and documentation of the completed electrical systems. Denier was able to track and document all testing to comply with standards.

"Denier was an excellent contractor and I would absolutely use them again. The quality of work performed is first rate. They were responsive and adapted to the numerous changes requested by the customer. All work was performed on-schedule," said Rick Corbett of Forest Pharmaceuticals.