Denier Electric: Bob Evans Corporate Headquarters

Denier_14 Evans HQ.jpgDenier Electric was rewarded for its work at Bob Evans Farms new corporate headquarters. The headquarters consists of three structures on 40 acres of amenities that support the Bob Evans brand. The project was designed to achieve LEED Gold certification for the main building and LEED certification on the training and shipping buildings.

The main building contains 137,542 square feet of offices, conference rooms, test kitchens and other facilities for approximately 650 employees.

Environmentally responsible materials were used in the construction of the campus and for ongoing maintenance. For the electrical portion, that included 8,420 square feet of solar panels that generate 7 percent of the energy. Daylight windows, skylights, occupancy sensors, and daylight-harvesting systems were used. Occupant controlled task lighting with power strips were key components in the office areas.

The project also included a 2000KW/2500KVA on-site backup generator, 150KW uninterruptible power supply, 90 percent wireless controls for the lighting control systems, fire alarm system, security/access system, motorized shads, LED pole light assemblies, CCTV camera, seven telecommunications rooms, and a complete campus backbone with 2,500 feet of fiber and 2,500 feet of copper.

Denier_Underground.jpgThe construction also included the installation of 260,000 feet of Cat6 cable, 53,856 feet of EMT, 73,920 feet of PVC conduit, 325,248 feet of wire, 599 devices, 3,904 boxes, 480 solar panels, 2,300 light fixtures, and 4,400 gallons of diesel for the generator.

A challenge during the project involved the adjustment of solar panel installation from the ground level to the top of a building with a smooth, sloped roof with no anchoring points. Denier prefabricated much of the work, designed a clamping system, and used special equipment such as non-skid boots for the installation. Additional training on the clamping system and fall prevention was provided and the installation was completed with no safety incidents.

Denier used BIM for a complicated second-floor design that required all power to be concealed. Power for workstations was fed from the first floor while all lighting power distribution was installed above the ceiling. The finished product exceeded the customer goals for the design.