Creating Your Drip Marketing Plan

Connection, Tribe, Circle of Influence, Team, these are all words which describe a collection of people who desire to be influenced by you. They can be general contractors, staff, customers, or someone else. The goal is simple; create a series of “touches” in which the group attributes high value. Now, I know you might think this is all subjective and people are fickle. Yes and yes. But I am still in favor of creating this value and connecting with these people.
drip.jpgDrip Marketing comes from the agricultural reference of watering a garden or field with a steady stream of water, using the automated tools, rather than filling a bucket, pouring the water, then walking back to the source and repeating. You have tools which can help you connect with your target audience.

In this article, I will outline the idea, the tools, and the frequency. You can determine the content and expertise.
The idea is simple, collect the information from the potential target audience and place this valuable information in a central database for future use. The key is knowing who you are targeting and what you are planning to collect.
An example is the collection of contact information. Gaining access to the email and physical mailing address would be a great start. It begins with awareness of what you are trying to collect and then collecting or asking for the info. If you are seeking email contacts, you might already have them in your business. If you are asking for physical mailing addresses, again you might have them, or you will be focused on collecting both the email address and the physical mailing address. Why are you collecting these? You are building your connections, your tribe, your circle of influence.
Where can you store all this information? I recommend using tools currently available and perfected. Internet marketing has advanced, and you can get access to these even on a low budget. For electronic communication such as newsletters, blog posts, and podcasts alerts, I would recommend Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. These two off-the-shelf products are easy to operate, easy to build, and have reporting tools to allow you to gain insight as to your Drip Marketing frequency and success.
If you are seeking software for direct mail, I would recommend any of the cloud-based CRM packages, such as,, or other cloud-based packages which keep up with the ever-changing technology development. Remember, direct mail is not dead, it just has a reputation for "junk mail," and so you will need to set yourself apart by using it well.
Another powerful tool is Sendoutcards. This service prints, stamps, and mails greeting cards and gifts. Easy to use and easier to send cards. The lowest cost to send a US Mail greeting card is about $1.50. Sendoutcards has been around for quite some time and has perfected the automation of sending real cards in the mail, and it has clever gifts, like brownies and other items, to add to a card for a lasting impact.
OK, we have covered two of the three areas; the outline and the collection. I would like to discuss frequency. Drip Marketing is all about staying Top-of-Mind with your connections, tribe, or circle of influence. They are being conditioned to seek out your side of the connection, because you are providing value and they are in need of the value you are providing. So, now that we have established the collection of info and the place we are storing it, let