Central Pennsylvania IEC Awarded Apprenticeship Program Grant

The Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) has been awarded a $50,000 Apprenticeship Program Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. The grant will support the training of apprentices to become electricians – a high-priority occupation in Pennsylvania on both a statewide and regional level.
The Central PA IEC project is titled “Support, Strengthen, and Expand lEC Apprenticeships.” The Apprenticeship Grant funding will provide a valuable boost to employers in the region to support apprentices, provide additional training, and expand apprenticeship to additional workers and employers throughout Pennsylvania.
“It is a real boost to the Central Pennsylvania IEC chapter and members that Governor Corbett recognized the value and quality of our Apprenticeship Program by awarding us this one-time $50,000 grant,” said Christi Buker, Executive Director of Central Pennsylvania IEC. “Now is a critical time to invest and train the workforce of the future. The grant will be used to purchase textbooks, give additional training to apprentices such as aerial lift training, purchase lab equipment, provide further education to our instructors, and most importantly, underwrite outreach activities to recruit more apprentices into IEC.”
The project will have three objectives: support, strengthen, and expand. The support aspect will offset current costs of IEC apprenticeships by partially underwriting the purchase of crucial textbooks. The strengthen aspect will provide certification and continuing education to instructors. Expand will be executed through program outreach and recruitment.
“Training future electricians through an apprenticeship program is a critical need nationwide and a focus of IEC overall,” said Thayer Long, Executive Vice President/CEO of IEC National. “Central Pennsylvania IEC is making great strides in growing awareness and use of apprenticeship training in Pennsylvania. We commend Christi and her team for securing this grant to help train the future of the electrical industry.”
For more information, visit the Central Pennsylvania IEC website at www.centralpaiec.org.