Central Electric Enterprises: Randolph Air Force Base Hangar 40

Central_14.JPGCentral Electric was recognized for its work assuming the design assist role reinforcing national security by adding electrical capacity to a jet repair depot in Hangar 40 at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Hangar 40 was in need of two 60/400 Hz frequency converters, six new panelboards, eighteen special equipment outlets, and one 1200-amp switchboard upgrade. Also included in the project was in-house fabrication, bending raceway systems while rotating operation with revolving Air Force jet repair working on alternating aircrafts - this illustrates the flexible nature of the means and abilities to complete this 400 Hz project of main service electrical distribution electrical upgrade. Proactive two-week look-aheads for advance notice scheduling were incorporated in project planning and defined the experience level required for this design assist role to be filled.

CentralElectric.gifA major efficiency that Central Electric installed was working with Hangar 40's frequency converters. Previously and inconveniently, the repair depot used a portable 400 Hz generator to work on their aircrafts. Central Electric installed a 400 Hz converter that provided 8EA 400Hz. This allowed Hangar 40 to operate on not only T-6 and T-38 aircrafts, but also made room for the additional repair depot of T-1.

Hangar 40 now has increased its capacity by 33 percent, taking in more aircrafts to repair, launching more pilots in the air to defend this great country, and to do it in a civilian defense service manner within budget.