Chapter Corner

Newsroom & Insights: November/December 2018

Behind the Scenes of AOY

IEC National’s annual Apprentice of the Year (AoY) competition is the biggest event IEC apprentices prepare for all year. It’s a grueling three-day competition involving early mornings, long days, and timed events judged with watchful eyes. If that doesn’t sound stressful enough, it takes two and a half days and about 60 volunteers to prepare the competition area.


How to Make Money in a Good Economy

While the economy has been expanding for the last nine years, some economists predict a slow-down or the next recession to begin around 2019 and onwards. Here at MCA Inc. working with our contractors we believe, based on the collective backlog and barring any major catastrophic events both naturally and socially that we may see the next slow down around 2022-2023.


Recognizing Hazards - Continuing the Journey

Some may argue that an important attribute of a qualified individual in the electrical industry is the ability to recognize electrical hazards. An electrical hazard is a dangerous condition that could result in electric shock, arc flash burn, thermal burn, or arc blast injury. The first step to success is to understand what electrical hazards are and then to realize that not all electrical equipment or applications are the same. The journey to recognizing electrical hazards is not necessarily straight forward but there are some basic concepts that once understood can make a difference in success.


The Key to Consistent Investing? Pay Yourself First

Consistency is a key ingredient of success in many activities – including investing. And one technique that can help you become a more consistent investor is paying yourself first.