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Newsroom & Insights: November/December 2016

NEC and Worker Safety Nov/Dec 16

The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a document that seeks the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. We all too often forget about how important the NEC is to those working on, in, or around electrical equipment. Some State Code adoption hearings include discussions of delaying adoption of the NEC due to cost of the provisions within these requirements or even the cost of buying new books and conducting training. The most disappointing experiences in my book are the discussions that never happen as states drag their feet and take a casual approach to NEC adoption; yet another way to indirectly achieve a delayed adoption of requirements that are there to save lives and property.


In Uncertain Times Make Your Business Sure

If we want to be insulated from the ebbs and flows of the market, we’re probably in the wrong business – even though there isn’t another industry we’d choose to commit to. Construction is continually exciting; it drives the economy. At the same time, it’s also heavily affected by capital spending, government budgeting and regulation, labor availability, and consumer confidence – in short, just about everything at play in the economy’s ups and downs. That means that far beyond our control there are simply fat times, lean times, and we-just-don’t-know-yet times. So as the industry holds stable in its slow recovery, and while owners and economists can’t guarantee what 2017 will bring, electrical contractors have the opportunity to make themselves sure about the future of their business by investing in the future now.


Electricians Light Up at the Opportunity to Work on More High-Tech and Interconnected Jobs

In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving and the electrical trade is on the cutting- edge of these advancements. Electricians are dealing with higher demands, more complex systems, and difficult integrations in projects ranging from high-tech installations to smart homes. These advanced systems bring their own set of challenges for electricians, but they can also bring opportunities to grow the industry.