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Newsroom & Insights: August 2015

Winning the War for Talent in Construction

Jack Morrell is director of field operations for C.M. Richey, Inc., a large,open-shop electrical contracting firm operating in the private, New York metropolitan market. A large part of Morrell’s role in the C.M. Richey organization is the continuous development and improvement of the field workforce. The war for talent in today’s construction industry is as competitive as ever. Morrell was kind enough to share with Insights readers his approach to growing his workforce.


The New Electrician and the State of the Industry

As can be imagined, the electrical industry is dramatically different than it was in 1857—when Klein Tools first set up shop. After years of watching things change, it’s clear now, more than ever, electricians are in a period of renaissance. Those just entering the field as well as those more senior are seeing how industrial advancements and generational influences play roles in the profession today. And in the midst of change, the field is growing.


2015 Remodeling Trends for Electrical Contractors

The home improvement industry regularly tracks trends that impact the way contractors do business. Whether it's implementing mobile technology, targeting a new audience or exploring additional product offerings, as we head into the second half of 2015, we'll look at the trends impacting electrical contractors and how you can leverage them to help boost sales.


Distributed Generation: A Huge Market Opportunity for Contractors

Demand for distributed generation, also known as distributed energy resources (DER), is growing for a number of reasons – unexpected utility power outages, planned rolling blackouts, power quality problems, increases in the overall cost of power, mid-day price spikes, and much more.


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