Chapter Corner

Newsroom & Insights: April 2016

Safety Comes First

Every day, people spend time thinking about maintaining the safety of their family and friends. As business owners, it is just as important that we do everything in our power to ensure that our employees return home to their families as healthy as they arrive to work each and every day.


Maintenance - Important for Safety

Electrical distribution systems serve us on a daily basis, regardless of if we are sitting in our home, driving down the road, or at work. This important infrastructure must be maintained, if not for longevity sake, then for safety sake.


What It Takes to Be a Project Manager

Say your boss, the owner, or CEO of the electrical firm you work for came to you with some exciting news. He offers you a 500,000 hour job to manage. Of course your boss was excited. The job he just handed over to you will bring in approximately $65 million over the next 4 years. You on the other hand, although excited, are shaking in your boots just thinking about it. In the past twenty or so years of working for this firm or the three firms before it, the largest job you ever managed was 200,000 hours, and you almost lost your shirt on that project. That job was well on its way to becoming one of those “killer jobs;” the kind that everyone in the industry talks about for years. Now you’re about to look down the throat of a beast that can either make you or sink the company you work so hard for, and take everyone down with it.


Lessons from a Long-Standing Industry Leader

Being a leader is a responsibility not everyone can take on. It takes flexibility, foresight, and true ability to work with others. For Klein Tools, we’ve remained an industry frontrunner for the past 159 years by supporting our customers, adapting to change, keeping a close eye on demand, and identifying our audiences’ needs. And similar to the electricians and tradesmen we make tools for, we get out what we put in – work ethic is still number one.


4 Things That Must Be Reinforced by Leaders

Have you noticed that things tend to slip?

Yeah, you noticed that.

It’s like walking up a sand dune... if you stand still, you’ll start sliding backwards. And that’s reality for all the people in your business.

Among all the issues on your radar, there are four that you really have to reinforce. And I mean all the time. Those four are Values, Processes, Accountability, and Undivided Attention.