Build a Proactive Plan to Find Good Help!

I am tired of hearing contractors say they can’t find any good or trained help. When all they do is complain about their problems, they’ve decided to be negative and not develop positive solutions to their problems. I get calls and emails all the time from contractors asking how to find help. When people don’t apply, you can’t hire them. And when you don’t take out a help wanted ad, they won’t apply. And “yes,” it costs money and a proactive plan to recruit good people to work for your company!
First, you must admit and realize there aren’t any readily available professional, competent trained field trade workers, foremen, superintendents, project managers, or estimators sitting in front of your office begging for you to hire them! Second, if you aren’t being proactive about finding people and keeping your pipeline full of potential candidates to hire, then you’ll never find anyone to hire. Third, if you don’t have someone in your company accountable to continuously seek and find applicants to apply and interview, you’ll never have enough people. Fourth, if you don’toffer great pay and a fringe and benefit package, then potential employees won’t work for your company. Fifth, if you don’t place an ad, people won’t know you need people or apply for work.
To attract and retain good people, you must decide to be proactive about implementing a program to find and keep great people to work for your company. To get your copy of my Org Chart & People Plan, email Attracting and keeping people is a result of building a great place to work where good people want to work for your company. They are empowered,have a future, feel part of a team, trained, inspired, recognized, praised, thanked, participate in decisions, and encouraged to perform at a higher level.

1. Assign a hiring director: 
Put someone in charge of attracting people to apply for current or future positions at your company. This “hiring director” is accountable to manage, monitor, encourage, and keep applicants applying; then ranking, sorting them, and setting interviews with key managers or field team leaders to interview and hire. Assign this part-time responsibility to an administrator, project assistant, engineer, or human resource manager. Give them the task and goal to keep your people pipeline full of applicants for your immediate needs and people on the bench for when you need them. Give them a budget for ads, website pages, brochures, and incentives to attract people to apply for jobs on an ongoing monthly basis.
2. Offer hiring incentives:
Provide referral incentives to employees to encourage them to refer candidates to apply for work at your company. The best people often come from referrals from employees. Most people have relatives, friends, or friends of friends they know who have the same values and work ethic as they do and would likely do well at your company. Put incentives in place to motivate employees to recruit others to apply for jobs and join your company. The minimum referral incentive bonus that works well is a minimum of $250 to $500, depending on the position someone applied for. You can also consider offering a hiring referral reward to suppliers and subcontractors you ask for help filling your company positions.
3. Offer a hiring bonus:
Offer a signing bonus or special perk to new employees who last at least 3 months. The same applies