Beacon Electric Company: The Banshee at Kings Island

2construction10.jpgBeacon Electric Company was recognized for its work on the Banshee at Kings Island. The Banshee is described as the “world’s longest inverted rollercoaster” at 4,124 feet in length covering 13 acres. Its tallest peak is 167 feet. Its speed reaches 68 mph including seven inversions with a ride duration of 2.5 minutes. The average hourly capacity is 1,650 riders. The Banshee opened April 18, 2014, with a final cost of $24 million.

Beacon Electric provided the electrical power, controls, and emergency lighting for the Banshee rollercoaster, including main entry lighting into Kings Island from the parking area and the high voltage service and lighting in the concourse area. Crews from Beacon Electric installed the MCC motor controller, proximity switches, and wiring along the entire length of the coaster. The electrical work included the following: 20,000 feet of conduit raceways; 65,000 feet of wire; 3,000 feet of high voltage underground wire; 10 entry pole lights; 28 transfer station lights; 30 lift hill lights; Projection theme light wiring; and Pixel Pro Go Video system wiring.

Work was performed during one of the worst winters in the Cincinnati region in 30 years with temperatures as low as -7 degrees and wind chills 30-40 degrees below zero. Although weather was a challenge to productivity, preplanning and increased manpower on optimal weather days improved productivity. Only two days were missed for inclement weather. Crews from Beacon Electric worked weekends and overtime in order to meet the scheduled opening in April 2014.

Beacon Electric_14.JPGOn the Banshee project, Beacon Electric used the latest technology in tools such as 3D BIM AutoCAD modeling. The 3D modeling, created by the design engineers, allowed crews to visualize, plan, and install electrical work accurately and safely in the midst of extreme conditions.

Combining innovative technology with a strong commitment to hard work, focused energy, and a team attitude allows the Beacon Electric crews to believe they can do anything they put their minds to. This type of attitude allows for the latest innovations in technology to be maximized, resulting in great construction projects like the Banshee at Kings Island.