Chapter Corner

Tom Grace

The Risks of Sourcing Electrical Products Online

You’re in a pinch. You need a molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) for a project, but you’re running up against a deadline and you don’t think you have time to order through a distributor. So, naturally, you jump online and look for a reseller who can offer you a lowpriced option with fast turnaround. You find product that looks like a good choice. Sure, it’s being sold as unused surplus product, but that doesn’t matter – it should work as well as a new one. Finally, you place your order using next-day shipping (of course) and in less than 24 hours the product shows up at your door ready to be installed. No problem, right?

The Real Cost of Counterfeit Products From the Eyes of a Contractor

Manufacturers and trade associations have devoted much attention to counterfeit electrical products and their effects on consumers. The U.S. Customs' Consumer Safety and Critical Technology seizures of counterfeit electrical products are second only to pharmaceuticals. According to the Department of Homeland Security, over 3,400 seizures of Consumer Safety and Critical Technology products accounted for more than $146 million in 2012.