Chapter Corner

Todd Hawkins, CAE

Leading People to Better Performance and Higher Profits

Leadership – the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Certainly this definition is applicable to the contracting industry. This article seeks to help you think about your leadership skills, how they can be sharpened and applied to help lead your people to better performance and higher profits for your contracting company. There are many books on leadership practices that outline actions one may take to be a better leader. There are manuals that outline strategies and formats for leadership styles and there are even gurus that will come to your place of business and coach you on how to improve your leadership attributes. I hope you will take advantage of each of these tools because developing great leadership skills is a process that anyone, with diligence and hard work, can succeed in building. Your leadership skills are integral to the vibrancy of your business and are either the catalyst to stellar performance or the anchor that restricts your company from success.

Utilizing the Right Tools for Training

The IEC Atlanta Chapter incorporates "The Training Advantage" into all of our apprenticeship classes in order to benefit IEC contractor members, students, partner members, and the electrical industry. We strive for excellence by starting the training process with instructors who are technically competent and trained to deliver the curriculum to adult learners while incorporating hands-on, active learning techniques in each class. This article will focus on how the IEC Atlanta strategic plan works to engage the students of the apprenticeship program to ensure that they learn the core concepts that lead to improved field productivity, reduced errors, and better customer satisfaction for the contractor and the student.