Chapter Corner

Philip Santoro

Using Digital Tools to Drive Efficiency for Electrical Contractors

The combination of a robust construction market and the ongoing
shortage of skilled labor has created numerous challenges for contractors
across the country. On one hand, contractors are seeing more opportunities
to expand their business into new markets. On the other hand, they’re
strapped for talent to meet demand. With fewer resources available,
it’s become more important than ever to streamline processes and find
ways to do more with less. That’s where digital tools come into play.

Training Is Essential for Success in the Connected World of Today and Tomorrow

As homes and businesses require complex wiring and more connected points, electricians will be needed to install the necessary components – but many electrical contractors are having difficulty finding qualified applicants, especially those that can perform more specialized work.

Mobilizing Electrical Contractors to Help Build a Sustainable Future

Electrical contractors today face a dynamic landscape with new technologies and digital solutions, evolving codes and standards, an aging workforce, environmental concerns, and rapidly changing customer requirements.