Chapter Corner

Phil Nimmo with contributions from MCA staff

Phil Nimmo is the VP of Business Development. Phil has a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University as well as an MBA Technology Management from University of Phoenix. With MCA since 1999 he has conducted research projects for several industries, has lead numerous projects to help clients implement the research results effectively incorporating these into their businesses, and participated in publication of both research and case  study results. Additionally, he has Owned and Operated several small businesses, lead operations for a large multi-state/multi-location distributor focused on serving the needs of contractors.

Emerging Leaders

In January 2018 IEC published an article written by MCA with focus on the topic of recruiting workers (Recruiting for the Future, January 2018, Insights Magazine); hopefully by now you were able to successfully implement some of the concepts and it has satisfied your head count needs. The next step is of course to retain the best people that you have; the aspiring and capable leaders for your business. Offering more money is not always the solution. People are less motivated by money then what they want you to believe, and this is especially true of skilled workers.

Recruiting for the Future

MCA, Inc, and IEC have jointly prepared and distributed many articles in the past few years, and most of them focus on the shifting market and the demands that this places on business leaders. In addition to focusing on the business models and the business processes, we have to remain intently focused on the fact that our people have been and will continue to be the most critical component of our business success. It’s our people who serve our customers, keep our promises, and follow the processes that ensure our profitability and future existence. Recruiting is what we do to ensure that the people we have on deck for tomorrow continue to excel and bring our business new success. Recruiting is much more than running a few ads and filtering through the candidates; recruiting is the entire process of motivating people to want to be a part of your team. Effective recruiting is effective motivation, so it never ends.