Chapter Corner

Phil Mussallem

4 Things That Must Be Reinforced by Leaders

Have you noticed that things tend to slip?

Yeah, you noticed that.

It’s like walking up a sand dune... if you stand still, you’ll start sliding backwards. And that’s reality for all the people in your business.

Among all the issues on your radar, there are four that you really have to reinforce. And I mean all the time. Those four are Values, Processes, Accountability, and Undivided Attention.

Personnel Files: Are They a Legal Time Bomb?

An employee's personnel file should give an accurate and complete history of his/her employment with your organization. In case of a lawsuit, a judge and jury will expect documentation to back up your actions. Some documentation is required by law and could have very costly consequences in both time and money if they are not followed. For other records, you have a lot of leeway on exactly what you should file and how long you should keep it. This article will provide a basic guideline for personnel files. Always check that your state follows these basic federal guidelines.