Chapter Corner

Peter Lafreniere

Peter Lafreniere is Cable Product Manager for AFC Cable Systems, Inc., part of Atkore International. With 26 years experience in armored cable, Mr. Lafreniere leads product strategy for the Cable Solutions business unit's entire cable product line, and is responsible for its strategic innovation initiative. He attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where he majored in Engineering. He is also a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

Understanding Your Jobsite Environment

After last year’s bout of hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, heat waves, and cold spells across the country, product resiliency is key for contractors and engineers in 2018 as they rebuild and renovate destructed areas to withstand these natural disasters. To keep facilities up and running through extreme weather situations, it is vital for industry workers to understand the environment they are building in to better utilize appropriate cables and conduits for safe construction. Whether renovating or rebuilding from ground up, the proper installation of cables and selecting conduits with appropriate insulation and jacketing should be the primary focus during redevelopment. While some damage is non-preventable, a large portion of issues and safety hazards can be avoided through proper cabling solutions suited for different environments. Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of potentially dangerous jobsite conditions, including wet environments, fire hazard areas, and extreme temperatures.