Chapter Corner

Peter Lafreniere

Peter Lafreniere is a Cable Product Manager for AFC Cable Systems, Inc., part of Atkore International. With 26 years’ experience in armored cable, Mr. Lafreniere leads product strategy for the Cable Solutions business unit’s entire cable product line, and is responsible for its strategic innovation initiative. He attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where he majored in Engineering. He is also a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

Innovative Cable for Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting reduces energy consumption by using daylight in place of, or to augment, electric lighting to light a space. Lighting control systems are used to dim or switch electric lighting in response to changing daylight availability; when daylight penetrates into spaces, the amount of electric lighting needed is reduced. Now, new technology has come onto the market with control for up to three dimming zones, combining electric lighting and control circuits within a single interlocked armor. The new MC Luminary MultiZone™ cable is the first product specifically designed to meet California’s strict daylight harvesting requirements, which are rapidly being adopted by jurisdictions around the United States.