Chapter Corner

Norb Slowikowski

Managing is Leading: Find and Develop Your Personal Leadership Style

The highest functioning form of management is leadership. But there is an inefficiency in today’s market – not enough people know how to manage and lead. Too many managers look at only the bottom line, rather than the correct process you need to successfully get to that bottom line. Utilizing the right process in a forward-thinking way is true leadership. That’s what really separates the “great” from the merely “good.”

You're Hired: How to Recruit and Interview Employees

Find the Leading Edge: The Art of Negotiation

An essential skill in any good leader’s arsenal is the ability to negotiate. “Negotiation” is defined as “discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.” As anyone in the business world can attest, this is not always the simplest of tasks. We need a series of guidelines to achieve unity of purpose in any productive discussion. The specific method to use for optimum give-and-take is that of principled negotiation.