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Mike Agugliaro

8 Maneras Raras de Alimentar Iniciativas

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8 Weird Ways to Nurture Leads

A lead comes in. Do you send them the same stuff you’ve always sent your leads? Sure, you could do that (except you know that your competitors are probably sending the same stuff, right?). That’s a problem in the industry: You want to show that you can help them, but it seems like there are only so many ways to convince them… And every other home service business in the area is using the same techniques.

How to Make Another Million Dollars Next Year With This Brain-Meltingly Powerful Strategy

Would you like to make an extra million dollars of income next year without adding any more employees to your payroll? What if you could do it without any capital outlay?

The skeptics among you just read those sentences, rolled your eyes, and thought about flipping to the next article. But if you keep reading, I’ll show you exactly how to do it. It works, it’s amazing, and it will totally change the game for you. And yes, you can start doing it in your electrical business as soon as you get back to the office.