Chapter Corner

Mark Klein

Cómo Reclutar a la Siguiente Generación

Muchas empresas están teniendo dificultades para reclutar y contratar a técnicos calificados en el mercado actual...

How to Recruit the Next Generation

Many companies are having difficulties recruiting and hiring skilled tradespeople in today’s market. Much of this is due to the “skills gap,” the gap between candidates’ skills/training and the requirements for certain jobs. Unfortunately, it’s a serious problem that shows few signs of improving. According to SkillsUSA, a national organization that provides career and technical education to more than 360,000 high school and college students, there are 5.6 million unfilled skilled jobs today. Of those jobs, 75 percent don’t require a four-year degree. That’s more than 4 million open U.S. jobs that do not require a traditional college education!

Electricians Light Up at the Opportunity to Work on More High-Tech and Interconnected Jobs

In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving and the electrical trade is on the cutting- edge of these advancements. Electricians are dealing with higher demands, more complex systems, and difficult integrations in projects ranging from high-tech installations to smart homes. These advanced systems bring their own set of challenges for electricians, but they can also bring opportunities to grow the industry.

Lessons from a Long-Standing Industry Leader

Being a leader is a responsibility not everyone can take on. It takes flexibility, foresight, and true ability to work with others. For Klein Tools, we’ve remained an industry frontrunner for the past 159 years by supporting our customers, adapting to change, keeping a close eye on demand, and identifying our audiences’ needs. And similar to the electricians and tradesmen we make tools for, we get out what we put in – work ethic is still number one.

The New Electrician and the State of the Industry

As can be imagined, the electrical industry is dramatically different than it was in 1857—when Klein Tools first set up shop. After years of watching things change, it’s clear now, more than ever, electricians are in a period of renaissance. Those just entering the field as well as those more senior are seeing how industrial advancements and generational influences play roles in the profession today. And in the midst of change, the field is growing.