Chapter Corner

Ken Boyce

Ken Boyce is Principal Engineer Director, Energy & Power Technologies at UL LLC. Ken has decades of experience in safety engineering across many sectors. Most recently he has served as UL’s technical leader for the energy and power sectors, overseeing global standards development and technical operations for renewable energy technologies, batteries and energy storage systems, advanced technology grid infrastructure, electric vehicle systems, power distribution, factory automation, and related equipment. Ken is very active in the standards and code development community, and serves as the Chairman of National Electrical Code Panel 1.

The Energy Revolution: New Technology for a New World

Our world is rapidly changing. Deployment of more renewable energy across the globe is reinventing the way we produce and transmit power and, as a result, making our cities smarter. The incredible proliferation of information technology is permeating all types of equipment and applications. The confluence of these megatrends is creating the new energy Internet around us.