Chapter Corner

Joseph Hovanec, Jr.

Joseph Hovanec Jr. is IEC’s 2016 National President. As the principal elected officer of the association, Hovanec serves as the National Chair to the Board of Directors, House of Delegates, and Executive Committee. Hovanec is the president of Advanced Electric Design & Service in Rahway, New Jersey. With a career that spans over 35 years in the electrical industry, Hovanec is extremely knowledgeable on where we have been and the direction we need to go.

Bigger Than You

There are many things we can do with our time. Time is the single most valuable thing we have on this earth.
As such, it is important that we spend our time wisely; and when we do, we must receive something of value in return. That return does not have to be monetary; it can simply be the satisfaction that we have done
something to contribute to the success of the organization for which we volunteer. Whether we coach sports or other school activities for our children, volunteer at one of many nonprofit organizations, or support our local IEC chapter and IEC National, we become a part of something that is bigger than we are.

Get LinkedIn to Social Media

Throughout my career, I have made it a point to follow new and emerging trends within the electrical industry, with an eye on new technology. Today, technology in the electrical industry is advancing at faster pace than it has for decades.

The Necessity of Sharing Ideas

While traveling from chapter to chapter this year, one of the things I’ve always looked out for is new and innovative ideas. We all have them, and sharing those ideas is a great way to network with other IEC members. The proof can be found every year at the IEC National Convention. The Great Idea Swap session at IEC Con is always the highest attended education session, often with standing room only.

Beyond Apprenticeship

This spring, I had the privilege to participate in multiple IEC chapters apprentice graduation ceremonies across the country. At each graduation, I spoke about how so many more electricians are needed now and in the years to come. I spoke of the need for continued education to keep up with new and emerging technology.


This spring, first-year IEC Apprentices will be embarking on a career in a profession that is unlike so many others. They wisely chose a career in the electrical field where the electrical wiring, troubleshooting, and equipment installations they will perform every day will never be outsourced. A career where new technology does not threaten to eliminate their job, it serves to enhance it.

Safety Comes First

Every day, people spend time thinking about maintaining the safety of their family and friends. As business owners, it is just as important that we do everything in our power to ensure that our employees return home to their families as healthy as they arrive to work each and every day.

Training for the Big Leagues

A recent IEC meeting opened with the moderator asking attendees to tell something about themselves that no one in the room knew. When it was my turn, I revealed that I managed my son’s little league baseball team for 8 years, and 7 of those 8 years the team finished in 1st place.

Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

To truly know an electrical contractor, you must know their story.

All of us here have been on a journey within the electrical industry. Although everyone’s journey is different, the path we travel is largely the same. We work, we learn, and we move ahead. Some of us started in a family business, others got into the business because it is what their father, grandfather, or another relative did for a living. For me, it was purely by chance that I ended up in the electrical industry.