Chapter Corner

Greenlee ErgoLab

Greenlee Textron launched the industry-first ergonomics laboratory in 2015. The Rockford-based laboratory offers state-of-the-art equipment to identify a tool's ergonomic value through scientific testing, measurement and analysis. This analysis will help utility and electrical tool users, along with purchasing officers and decision makers determine the best tools to utilize on the job site. For more information, visit  

The Cost of Ergonomics in the Electrical Industry

Over the past decade, the electrical industry has done a great job of recognizing the ergonomic safety issues caused by the use of manual tools. The negative effects these tools have caused on the body and risk to ergonomic injury make workers more injury prone and create hidden dangers on job sites. During this same period of time, some electrical tool manufacturers have listened to the voice of the electrical industry and have constantly innovated and invented new tools and features to improve the safety, accountability, and ergonomics of electrical tools in the marketplace.