Chapter Corner

Dean Kredit

Where We Were and Where We Are Now

Looking back at the mid-2000’s, workforce development was the main focus at that time, then the Great Recession happened and survival became a way of life for the next 6-7 years. Let's fast forward to 2017. Now that the economy has rebounded – although different from prior years’ – workforce development is back as a top concern of most electrical contractors.

Teamwork Moves the Industry Forward

I would like to thank the IEC membership for the opportunity this year to serve as National President. I consider it a privilege to have served in this capacity. Looking back, it is exciting to see the continued progress that has been made with projects that either were completed or are finishing up. With our strategic plan in place, we are moving IEC forward.

The Power of Connection

With the 56th Annual IEC National Convention & Electric Expo just around the corner in the beautiful northwest city of Portland, Oregon, I think back to the last time we held the convention there. One of our main events was held at the Science Museum. The location combined with the people made it a night to remember. Needless to say, everyone had a great time. As I look back on all the many conventions I have attended, along with the many places around the country we have held them, what stands out most to me are the great people that make up this association; most of whom I met while attending IEC national events.

Sorting Out Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient construction is a term being used a lot in our industry today. Whether it is a facility looking to achieve Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification or providing the best return on investment for the customer, sorting out what aspects have value for you and your customers is a complicated question.

Combating the Labor Shortage

As summer begins, so does the bulk of the workload for the majority of construction companies. Along with the many projects that run throughout the year, schools are racing to complete projects in a matter of months. In the housing market, low interest rates and consumer confidence have boosted the new home sales in many areas across the country creating a strong comeback, so finding additional skilled manpower has become the challenge many of us are already facing.

Strength from Partnerships

Every business needs a wealth of information to function and whether it is the products we purchase and install or making sure we have properly protected our employees and businesses, the most trustworthy and valuable information comes from the partnerships we have developed over the years. Throughout my time at IEC, I have come to realize that the most useful resources in my arsenal are IEC's Industry Partners.

How do You Define Leadership?

Looking forward and thinking of how we define leadership, the first thing that comes to mind is the role I assume when running a business. Yet, leadership is used in every facet of our lives; we use our leadership skills in a family setting and other personal or professional organizations in which we belong. In every case, there are rules, policies, and/or bylaws that we have to follow, and how we handle these rules in our daily lives demonstrates our leadership style. Do we use these rules to dictate what is expected of someone, or do we use them as more of a guide to follow? From my experience, the latter option has always led to greater success and a better overall leadership experience.

Learning Through Networking

Rubbing elbows, schmoozing, meet and greet: no matter what you call it, nothing can describe the power of networking. IEC Members who attend local and national events can speak to this - in fact, networking is usually cited as the greatest benefit of not just attending events, but becoming a member of IEC.

President's Message

I would like to begin my inaugural "President's Message" by saying Happy New Year! I enjoy the beginning of a New Year because we can all have a clean slate and the opportunity to start from zero. Whether your focus is on personal or professional goals, it will be your choice alone on how you apply them to 2013.