Chapter Corner

Dainella Nartker

Supplemental Resources are available at Have more questions? Book a quick chat to get answers; just mention IEC when booking through the Resources link. Dainella applies her toolset of online marketing tactics to automate delivery of skilled tradesworker candidate leads to contractors. Her positive experiences as a journeyman electrician also drive her keen interest in promoting the skilled trades as a career option.

State of the Labor Shortage and 7 Recruiting Actions for Today

It is the unpleasant reality that skilled labor is in short supply, with 300,000¹ Boomers retiring², lack of CTE education³, negative perceptions about blue collar work⁴, college track pressure⁵, and historic economic dips⁶ contributing to the shortage. These factors, combined with a projected industry growth of 14% over the next 10 years⁷, indicate that the challenge to find skilled workers is not going away anytime soon⁸.