Chapter Corner

Curt Tueffert

Curt Tueffert is a regular speaker for associations of contractors who run small business and desire real world applications for their daily challenges. Curt is the VP of Sales Development for DXP, an Industrial Distributor of goods and services which contractors use. This provides Curt with real worls, current experience in working with small business professionals, tight budgets, fluctuating markets, and the top challenges faced and overcome by business owners and management level employees.

Creating Your Drip Marketing Plan

Connection, Tribe, Circle of Influence, Team, these are all words which describe a collection of people who desire to be influenced by you. They can be general contractors, staff, customers, or someone else. The goal is simple; create a series of “touches” in which the group attributes high value. Now, I know you might think this is all subjective and people are fickle. Yes and yes. But I am still in favor of creating this value and connecting with these people.

Exploring Communication Breakdowns