Chapter Corner

Bruce Seilhammer

Bruce Seilhammer is IEC's 2017 National President. He is also the Electrical Construction Group Manager and Warehouse Operations Manager at SECCO, Inc. SECCO was one of the founding members of the Central PA IEC Chapter, and holds the award as one of the Best Places to Work five years in a row. With over 30 years in the electrical industry, Bruce started as an apprentice electrician in the U.S. Air Force, obtained his Connecticut and Pennsylvania Journeyman’s licenses, and currently holds a Pennsylvania Master Electrician’s License. He is an instructor for Leadership, Train the Trainer, and the Master Electrician’s exam preparation classes.

Why Come to IECCon?

There is no better feeling than that of independence. Having the knowledge is having the power to be independent.
IECCon is truly the place to get and keep that feeling. So come get connected and make some new lifelong friends at our biggest event of the year!

Offering My Thanks and Congratulations

As we come into spring, it’s nice to see all that the season has to offer. It’s a time of ending the cold and darkness, and starting to enjoy the longer, warmer days as summer approaches. It might feel the same for our apprentices as they finish up their classes and are able to take a deep breath and concentrate on just working for a few months, without the added pressure of homework and exams. Tis the season for our apprentice graduations. I have started my visits to various chapters as the schedule allows. What an amazing and gratifying way to spend time with our future leaders of the industry. We have a lot to be thankful for and proud of. There is a huge amount of time and effort that goes into our apprenticeship program across the country.

Small Business and the Entrepreneur

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 99.7 percent of all U.S. firms are small businesses. Depending on the industry, you could have 500, 1,000, or even 1,500 employees and still be considered a small business. However, there are some that are capped by their average annual receipts, and many are categorized by the industry. In the world of special trades contractors (where we electricians prevail), the cap of annual sales falls around $11.5 million.

How the Times Have Changed

I recently did a presentation for one of the local Vo-Tech schools here in Pennsylvania that talked about some of the reasons why someone may want to become an electrician. This was quite fun to do as it allowed me to step into the “way- back” machine and share how some things have changed from when I started in the industry back in the early ’80s (yes, I mean the 1900s) up to today.

Giving Thanks

Thank you to Joe Hovanec for his leadership over the last year. His dedication to IEC is second to none, which was witnessed by many as we saw him involved in as many of the chapter events over the year as he could fit in. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has put their trust in me to follow in Joe’s footsteps and continue to steer this great ship. I will do my best to make the right decisions along the way that contribute to bringing the most benefit to our association and its dedicated members.