Chapter Corner

Brett Brenner

Brett Brenner is the President of the Electrical Safety Foundation International, a non-profit dedicated to promoting electrical safety at home and in the workplace through education, awareness, and advocacy.

Old Houses, New Business

Each spring, many homeowners look to improve their homes by undertaking some remodeling projects. For some electrical contractors, the practice of “upselling” has come to espouse a negative connotation, implying that consumers can be convinced to purchase more expensive options that do not provide necessary benefits. However, as the expert, you are presented with an opportunity to enhance your clients’ safety, aesthetics, and quality of life with the opportunity to provide products and services about which your customers may be unaware. As an electrical professional, you are uniquely positioned to employ your training to enhance the lives of those you serve. While upselling products and services can certainly add to your bottom line, you will likely find this result without it being your primary objective.

Cracking the Code for National Electrical Safety Month

American life has drastically changed since the National Electrical Code® (NEC) was first established in 1897. Even at the time when the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) became the sponsor of the NEC in 1911, only about one quarter of American homes were electrified. In contrast, the average American home today has more television sets than people. As our dependence on electricity increases and our home technology evolves, it is important that consumers understand the importance of updating their home electrical systems to keep up with these demands.