Chapter Corner

Adams Hudson

5 Steps to a Killer Marketing Plan

The number one marketing question from electricians is, “What do I do?” The second is, “When do I do it?” The right answer to each question takes planning. The effective contractor marketer knows the answers long before the questions are asked.

Contractor Excels in Customer Service, Customer Retention, and Customer Reviews

Dixie Electric Company is certainly not new to the electrical business, having been in operation since 1908. Until recent years, commercial and construction were their mainstays, and residential service was viewed merely as a side business.

How to Find Out If You're Marketing on the Right Track

Effective marketing for electrical contractors begins with three elemental components: message, market, and media.

Confusing Revenue for Relationships

Be forewarned: this advice is not all pretty, just like business today. The silver lining is that the new economy is forcing a move from shiny wrapping (indulgence) toward valuable content (importance). As during any transition, confusion reigns.

The Profitable Marketing of Customer Relationships

What would you do without your customers? More frighteningly, are you trying to find out? To find an answer to these questions, all you have to do is forget about them, and soon after they will forget about you.

How Your Image Impacts Your Bottom Line

Let’s set the scene: you have to pick a restaurant for a nice evening to celebrate. You want it to fit the celebration so it needs tablecloths, perfectly elegant lighting, subdued music and a charming but understated wait staff that serves freshly-prepared unique dishes. It has to be special.

Why Customers Want to Give You Referrals - and Why They Won't

There is no better way to gain customers than through referrals. A customer's personal recommendation adds strength to your marketing program that money cannot buy.

Communication Keeps Customers

It's always all about the customer. You could write the most persuasive ad, create the most provocative design, purchase the most expensive media - and, no matter what, it always comes back to the customer. Only the customer can see the value in your offer, make the decision to follow through, and stay with you after the sale.

The Five Common Errors That Are KILLING Your Web Leads

Remember when the Yellow Pages were a dominant source for contractor leads? Okay, it seems like it was right after the fall of the Roman Empire, but still.