A&T Winter Updates


The Apprenticeship & Training (A&T) Committee welcomed several new members in January. Three members cycled off the committee: Joe Chandler of IEC Dallas, Brian Haines of Pyramid Electric, and Dale Weis of Encore Electric. Their replacements are Kathy Gurba of IEC Southern Colorado, Jake Jackson of IEC Rocky Mountain, and Cesar Ramirez of Precision Power Solutions.
Two new affiliate members are Robert Lowry of IEC Oklahoma City and Rob Jacobs of IEC Florida West Coast.
“The A&T Committee is made up of many dedicated people and it is hard to lose three of them, but the IEC is 
made of many talented members,” said A&T Chairman George Thess. “While we thank those leaving for their service, we welcome the new members who have made the commitment to serve.”

A task force has been developed to address CMS change requests and content submissions. The task force is open to all IEC chapters utilizing the IEC online learning system, as these users have the best understanding of how the CMS works and how it should be updated. The task force meets monthly.
To join, contact Chrissy Skudera, Director of Curriculum Development, at cskudera@ieci.org.
To submit change requests or content for consideration, visit the following web address: www.ieci.org/en_us/training-cms-lms. Please note that submissions must come from a chapter
Executive Director or Training Director.

A new initiative was introduced during January’s Business Summit in an effort to further populate IEC’s online Content Management System (CMS). Contest for Content is a program intended to strengthen dozens of objectives identified by the Curriculum Development Group. Support of this program comes from The Home Depot Pro Xtra Program and the IEC Foundation. Submissions are being accepted from February 1–April 15 via the IEC website. For submission guidelines, visit www.ieci.org.

New Worker Dec 18.jpgThe New Worker Task Force met December 12–14 at IEC Dallas to finalize its new module-based program, which will be available to chapters in early 2019.
The New Worker program consists of 17 modules and is intended to prepare a student for his or her first day on the jobsite. It is a precursor—not a requirement—to IEC’s four year apprentice program.
Each module can be taught independently from the other, meaning they can be taught in order of preference or priority. Topics covered include:

  • Career Paths
  • Jobsite Orientation
  • Hand and Power Tool Use and Identification
  • Material Identification: Boxes, Fittings, and Fasteners
  • Safety: PPE, Electrical, Ladder, First Aid, and Life Safety
  • Conduit Bending and Installation
  • Wire Prep, Identification, and Installation
  • Devices Identification and Installation
The modules range from two to three hours in length and are heavily focused on interactive learning. Most lessons include a short lecture accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, and group and hands-on activities. Students receive a complet