APG Technology: St. Joseph's Hospital South

APGTech_PostCon.gifAPG Technology received the 2015 IEC Excellence in Construction - Low Voltage Award for its work on the 434,000-square-foot Acute Care Hospital, consisting of a multi-level hospital building, an attached Medical Office Building, and a Central Energy Plant. APG was contracted to provide low voltage cabling and more for over a dozen different state-of-the-art systems, including voice, data, distributed antenna, telemetry, RFID, mass notification, public address, CATV, CCTV, access control, nurse call, code blue, CATV backbone, distributed antenna backbone, voice backbone, primary fiber backbone, and secondary fiber backbone.

APG was brought on board early in the design process and was tasked with assisting the owner and engineer in the selection of technology products and vendors. APG supplied over 34,000 hours of labor and installed over 1,000,000 feet of CAT-6 cable. Over 5,000 individual network ports were installed, all of which had to be individually labeled and traced from a data rack to final termination point. Approximately 24,000 feet of fiber optic cabling connects multiple networks to the two MDF’s and thirteen IDF’s required to serve the space. These rooms house 13 server cabinets, 82 network racks, over 2,000 feet of ladder rack, and 350 sheets of fireproof plywood backer board.

low_voltage.jpgAPG went above and beyond design requirements shown on project documents to deliver the best possible installation. Much of the thousands of feet of cabling within the MDF and IDF rooms were designed in a way that left cabling exposed on j-hook supports. Instead, APG designed and installed an 18” cable tray system within these rooms, providing a more secure and aesthetically pleasing product. Representatives of BayCare IT (owner’s IT representative) expressed a desire to adopt APG’s techniques as a new company-wide standard.

The single greatest technology challenge on this project was coordinating with multiple owner vendors to provide seamless, functional low voltage systems within an aggressive scheduling window. APG scheduled regular site visits with several vendors to ensure that no key installation deadlines would be missed. The site visits included system requirements discussions, reviews of potential problems, and verification that all ordered components were on track for a timely delivery.

“I would like to congratulate APG for winning not one but two Awards of Excellence on the same project,” said Thayer Long, IEC National Executive Vice President/ CEO. “Built from the ground up, this project was an outstanding opportunity to showcase APG Electric’s complete dedication to quality work and craftsmanship.”