APG Technologies: Florida Polytechnic University

APG_14.jpgAPG Technologies was honored for its work on the low voltage technology systems for the Innovative Science and Technology Building at Florida Polytechnic University. As the principal education center of the university, the Innovative Science and Technology Building contains 160,000-square-feet of space for classrooms, lecture halls, and 37 laboratories.

APG was contracted to provide all of the low voltage technology systems. APG successfully installed the voice/data system, access control system, video surveillance system, data network system, voice and unified messaging system, digital signage system, cable television/video retrieval system, public address system, paging/music system, audio/visual system, and an intelligent building integration system to tie it all together.

More than 1,800 workstation ports were installed with 100 percent cross connectivity. 410,000 feet of CAT6 cable was required to connect all of these ports, and over 7,000 feet of fiber provides a backbone for integration of the entire campus.

APG_Construction.gifTwenty-two custom lecture podiums were designed and fabricated to allow maximum interaction between university faculty and the technologies installed. From these podiums, a professor can control projectors, televisions, audio systems, lecture capture systems (which film lectures for later uploading to the internet), and digital annotation.

Finally, the unique code language spoken by each of the various systems was routed to a central control board capable of “translating” what it receives into one common language. This controller enables a large number of separate systems to communicate and will enable nearly any future system to be tied in to the existing.

It was absolutely critical to meet the project completion deadline as classes would be starting immediately afterward. A total of 61 days of work were lost to inclement weather, and no days could be added to the overall schedule. Despite the increasingly heavy workload, APG was able to successfully meet the deadline by providing a highly coordinated crew of up to 20 men and women working simultaneously.