APG Electric: St. Joseph's Hospital South

APG Electric received the 2015 IEC Excellence in Construction - Commercial (contracts over $5,000,001) Award for its work on St. Joseph’s Hospital South, which had a vision of providing the most advanced surgery and healthcare service in the world to Hillsborough County. Turning this vision into a reality, the 434,000 square foot,112-bed St. Joseph’s Hospital South was born through the dedicated work of APG. The hospital has an attached Medical Office Building; Central Energy Plant, to provide emergency power; Women’s Center; Intensive Care Unit; Labor/Delivery Wing; Radiology Center; and a complete Emergency Department. The numerous robotic operating rooms o er the latest and most advanced surgery services.

APG.jpgA massive amount of electrical and emergency backup power was required to make the hospital operational. Supporting the facility is a 12,800-amp electrical service, upgradeable for future expansion, and seven paralleled emergency generators fueled from two 20,000-gallondiesel tanks. This design would allow for the hospital to maintain core operations for several days if normal power were to fail in an emergency situation. The hospital has over 7,800 light fixtures, 10,800 receptacles, 1,000,000 feet of conduit, and 4,000,000 feet of wire.

A major challenge in the project was the proper management of the massive crew – well over 100 workers on site for 32 months. To minimize lost productivity, APG assigned a different foreman to each major section and floor of the building. Each foreman was solely responsible for their section and stayed there throughout construction. This enabled all technicians to get questions answered promptly and maintain a consistent workflow.

APG_Comm_Construction.gifAPG provided full BIM services for the project, which allowed them to search for potential field coordination issues long before they arrived on site. Real-time renderings were then made available to every foreman through aproject-issued iPad and on large televisions strategically stationed on each floor. Every worker could then consult the screens or the foreman to quickly know what needed to be done and ensure that they were never working off of an old blueprint. This fast and easy access to information combined with BIM to greatly increase productivity.

“The maze of conduits that occurs within each electric distribution rooms is simply a work of art,” stated Christina Wilson, senior healthcare architect for GS&P, about APG’s work at St. Joseph’s Hospital South.