Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship Meets with Federal Officials

Bob Baird, IEC VP of Industry & Regulatory Affairs, attended meetings of the Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) in Washington, DC, March 4-5 to discuss issues facing the apprenticeship community. The Committee highlighted the construction sector's use of apprenticeship; these lessons can be applied to other industry sectors. The committee also developed a series of recommendations for the Secretary of Labor including initiatives to link secondary education to apprenticeship.

In attendance at the meeting were officials from the White House, Department of Labor (DOL), Department of Education, and Department of Commerce. The key points from the ACA were:

  1. DOL and state apprenticeship agencies need to work closer together;
  2. Assist in increasing awareness in the American public that registered apprenticeship is a major component of America’s post-secondary education system;
  3. Call for a forum of major federal agencies to discuss how use of registered apprenticeship should be considered as a part of federal apprenticeship procurement requirements; and
  4. Provide significant resources such that the registered apprenticeship system can provide existing program sponsors with needed technical assistance and fund pilot apprenticeship programs in other industry sectors.

View photos from the meetings here.

IEC is deeply committed to workforce development and continues to be engaged in efforts to promote apprenticeship education.