A&T Spring Update

Beginning in the 2019–2020 schoolyear, IEC National’s Content Management System (CMS) will be available to all chapters at no additional cost. CMS access will be included in the price of book kits. This is exciting news for chapters who’ve remained curious but unable to commit due to cost.

The CMS offers instructors and students supplementary resources, which bolster IEC’s four-year apprentice program. These assets include tutorial videos, relevant industry partner resources, visual aids, flashcards, in-class and homework activities, and other supporting materials. As it is an ongoing effort, the Curriculum Development Group (CDG) will continue working together and with industry partners to populate the CMS regularly.

IEC National’s CMS has experienced an arduous and interesting journey to get where it is today. The initial journey began in 2011. At that time, several chapters were using various online platforms. After collaboration between these chapters, a request for proposals was submitted to determine not only a uniform solution, but also one that best fit chapter needs. In 2012, IEC National changed curriculum publishers to American Technical Publishers (ATP), and the new partnership included online learning content delivery services. This service provided a cohesive and standardized option for chapters and offered the ability for updates to a single platform by one host (ATP).

At the time, IEC National digital content was limited to worksheet questions, which were housed on the online system referred to as “LMS” (Learning Management System). Some chapters already used other supplemental digital content, such as PowerPoints or videos, which was housed on the online system referred to as “CMS.” Both systems were referred to, simply, as one unit—LMS/CMS—even though they were used for different purposes. (As you can see, this arduous and interesting journey also included perplexity related to naming conventions!)

By 2014, 17 chapters were using the LMS/CMS and augmentation continued based on user feedback. Over the following years, this online platform enjoyed many enhancements, making it more user-friendly for instructors and students. Since some chapters had extensive digital content, they used the premium service called “CMS.” The online platform for the LMS and the CMS is the same, and some chapters chose to use the premium services (the CMS).

Most recently, the CDG identified several areas in the four-year curriculum to strengthen through online resources delivered via IEC National’s online platform.

“Almost all chapters that were using their own systems really stepped up and embraced the ATP online platform. It has been amazing to see what these chapters are doing with the online platform,” said IEC of Utah Training Director Ken Adams. “When chapters step into the harness and work together to pull the IEC wagon, great things can be accomplished.”

“It is truly amazing to watch dedicated IEC chapter leadership pull in their egos and work together on behalf of this organization,” added A&T Chairman George Thess.

A task force addresses CMS/LMS change requests and content submissions, and participation is open to all IEC chapters utilizing the IEC online learning system. To join, contact Chrissy Skudera, Director of Curriculum Development, at cskudera@ieci.org.

To submit change requests or content for consideration, visit the following web address: https://www.ieci.org/en_us/training-cms-lms. Please note that submissions must come from a chapter Executive Director or Training Director.


Certified Professional Electrician (CPE) exam dates for 2019 are finalized! Encourage your apprentices to take this challenging exam to earn recognition throughout the IEC contractor network.


IEC Dallas

April 12–13

IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County

May 3–4

IEC Atlanta

May 6–7

IEC of Greater Cincinnati

May 31–June 1