2020 Instructor Conference Curriculum Updates

Summer 2020 Instructor Conference

IEC's Instructor Conference will be held at the Eaton Experience Center in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, July 23–25. This conference will bring instructors together from IEC chapters across the country to an event focused on adult-style learning principles. Topics to be covered will include classroom management, instructor engagement, online delivery and testing, and peer-to-peer networking. 

Registration is now open. Visit  www.ieci.org/instructor-conference for more information.



The Electrical & Systems Training Series (ESTS) will add a new course offering within the next few months. The long-awaited Printreading course is currently in production. This course uses a textbook and IEC’s CMS to deliver tailored content relevant to the electrician. In addition, several 4D (four dimensional) animations walk the student through different room types and scenarios found in a dwelling. These include a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

“We are in the editing stages of the printed material, and PowerPoints and test banks are in development. The animations accompanying this course really bring it to life,” said A&T Chairman George Thess. “We’re excited to add this course to the ESTS library. The wait is almost over.

Additional courses in the ESTS family include:

  • Theory I and II
  • Motor Controls I and II
  • Fire Alarm I
  • Effective Leadership Skills

For more information on ESTS offerings, visit www.ieci.org/ests or contact Chrissy Skudera at cskudera@ieci.org.



Four-Year (4Y) curriculum updates are well underway. In addition to NEC® updates within the manuals and test banks, the manuals are also receiving a thorough review to standardize style inconsistencies. These include removing instructor tips that read “No Special Instruction,” rounding to the nearest hundredth in formulas, and improving uniformity of acronyms and abbreviations. In some cases, parts of lessons are being rewritten to improve voice and tone.

“This intense review of the curriculum manuals addresses the concerns expressed at Convention during the A&T meeting,” said A&T Chairman George Thess. “We’re appreciative of this feedback. Our goal is to address errata and correct punctuation and grammatical inconsistencies.” 

“We’re taking our curriculum to the next level during this review process,” added Thess.

Test banks are receiving detailed reviews. Several volunteering chapters, as well as the Curriculum Update Task Group, are examining more than 15,000 questions within ExamView test banks. The goal is to eliminate repetitive or unclear questions, update code references to the 2020 NEC®, and remove industry slang. This is a big undertaking every three years, but through the Curriculum Development Group and chapter involvement, IEC is able to update all these test questions and create new worksheets for the upcoming schoolyear,” said IEC National Vice President of Education and Training Paul Dolenc.

If you have questions regarding curriculum updates or would like more information on the process, contact Chrissy Skudera at cskudera@ieci.org